The Last Wide Open

Pictured here with Kimberly Gilbert in the world premiere of The Last Wide Open, by Audrey Cefaly at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. 

Photo by Mikki Schaffner

The Last Wide Open

As Roberto in The Last Wide Open, by Audrey Cefaly, a world premiere at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.  

Photo by Mikki Schaffner

labour byTC-2018-thumb

Labour of Love

Pictured here as Len Prior in the U.S. premiere of Labour of Love by James Graham at Olney Theatre Center. Directed by Leora Morris.  

Photo by Teresa Castracane

Henry IV, part 1

As Mortimer in Henry IV, part 1 at the Folger Theatre, Directed by Paul Barnes.


Fickle 1800-1100

as Trivelin, in Fickle

Pictured here with Chris Dinolfo and Alyssa Wilmoth-Keegan in Fickle by Meg Miroshnik at Olney Theatre Center. Directed by Eleanor Holdridge.

Photo by Stan Barouh

022 HearLucrece-1800x1100

Hear Lucrece

As Tarquin, and pictured here with Tonya Beckman in the Hear Lucrece project, a co-production of Wolf Trap Opera and Taffety Punk.

Photo by Teresa Castracane

hamlet 1800x1100

Hamlet, the First Quarto

Pictured in the title role of Taffety Punk's Hamlet, The First Quarto, by William Shakespeare, directed by Joel David Santner.

Photo by C Stanley Photography

devil 1800x1100

The Devil in His Own Words

As the Devil (with Cain) in Taffety Punk's The Devil in His Own Words, Directed by Lise Bruneau..

Photo by Teresa Castracane

TheLyons 017-1800x1100

as Curtis, in The Lyons

Pictured here with Brandon McCoy in The Lyons  by Nicky Silver at Round House Theatre. Directed by John Vreeke.

Photo by Danisha Crosby

Hamlet NEShakes11-1800x1100


As Hamlet, pictured here with Theo Black as Horatio. Directed by Lise Bruneau at the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival.

Photo Courtesy of Nebraska Shakespeare

Alabama Suffolk1800x1100

Henry VI pt 2

as Suffolk, in Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Wars of the RosesHenry VI pts 1, 2, 3, and Richard III . Winter/Spring.

Photo courtesy of Alabama Shakespeare Festival

the chairs-1800-1100

as Man, The Chairs

In a punk adaptation of Ionesco's The Chairs, directed by Alain Timar at Round House Theatre.

Photo by Stan Barouh


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